Trial Presentations

The digital age presents attorneys with a vastly expanded choice of presentation technology and techniques for preparing and presenting your case. 

Named The National Law Journal's #1 Best Demonstrative Evidence Provider and #1 Best Jury Consultant, we’ve worked with attorneys to increase the effectiveness of their presentations for more than 20 years. But there is still more work to be done. With 76% of Americans using smart phones and 46% drawing on social networking sites, it’s no wonder people crave more information. Each month the average American spends:

  • 60 hours on Internet (7 hours on Facebook / 2 hours on other social sites)
  • 7 hours watching video on a mobile device
  • 60 hours watching television

These impressions influence how an audience may view your evidence. Having done jury research and work in the courtroom for as long as we have, we get it. We’ve worked with attorneys as they’ve focused on enhancing their trial presentations. By partnering with our experts and utilizing our advanced visual tools and technologies, we’ve helped them convey complex evidence simply and convincingly, all while gaining control in the courtroom and connecting with judges, arbitrators, and juries. 

Create Effective Trial Presentations and Persuasive Arguments

TrialGraphix experts, coupled with advanced in-house production capabilities, arm you with high-quality legal graphics and trial presentations for matters of any size.

Evidence Presentation: Effective Tools and Experience

Our experience is unsurpassed in all types of litigation and in pretrial, on-site, and courtroom settings. Skilled consultants with backgrounds in psychology, law, visual communication, technology, and litigation consulting develop effective trial presentations. In addition to our expertise in trial graphics and courtroom presentations, we offer trial logistics and on-site staffing support during trial.

Trial Preparation with LegalRadius®

LegalRadius® is a powerful Web-based solution that enables attorneys to load, review, and share documents, transcripts, and streaming video from within a single platform. Trial teams boost productivity and efficiently collaborate with counsel across the globe from anywhere at anytime – saving time and costs associated with trial preparation. Visit and get started on your case today.

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