Why TrialGraphix?

In 2006, we started Resonant Legal Media,  because we had a different vision about how to manage a business and lead our team.  Serving clients effectively became just too difficult under the corporate structure in which we worked.  In October 2014, we acquired TrialGraphix–an industry pioneer since 1994.  Now, as TrialGraphix, our name may be different but our model is not.

That’s why we are focused on just two services that go hand in glove – making powerful graphic presentations and delivering them in court.  We don’t provide court reporting, e-discovery, document review, or jury consulting.  We serve matters with one cohesive team, because  “From Concept to Courtroom®” is, the only way to do it right.

That’s also why we concentrated on finding the best people and providing a structure in which they could thrive and serve clients with consistent talent from a truly national platform.  Because trials are tough but they are much more enjoyable with a great team at your side.

And that’s why we’ve grown from just three partners at inception to the largest litigation graphics and technology firm in the country.  If you are a potential client, let us show you how things can be better with us on your team.  If you’ve read this far and are just checking us out then maybe you should consider what it would be like to …

Join Our Team.

Can you create the information graphics like we see in the New York Times, read complex legal briefs and “see” the best visuals for the case? Can you tackle technical problems with ease? Are you unfazed by working a 16 hour day?  Great!  With us, you’ll need to enjoy doing it all with little time, a heap of pressure, and a positive attitude. If that’s you, please:

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For the Right Person, There’s Always an Opportunity.

Litigation Consultant:  You read that part about complex legal briefs, right?
Technology Consultant:  Love being in the hot-seat (literally)?
Media Artist:  PowerPoint whiz? Illustration genius? Animation master?
Relationship Manager:  Can you convince attorneys that we’re the best option?


From Concept to Courtroom

In over 1000 litigation matters, we have helped our clients simplify the presentation of complex evidence with persuasive visual design and trial technology.

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Your Case Deserves Better

Creative. Collaborative. Efficient. If your past providers haven't measured up, see how we can make a difference in your next matter.

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A Truly National Team

With TrialGraphix, you get a cohesive team of with over 60 full-time professionals from coast to coast and decades of experience. We organize small teams that stay with your matter -- start to finish.

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