From Concept to Courtroom®, We’ve Got You Covered.

We Make Powerful Presentations
– Not Just Slides

Presentation Design

Whether you are drafting a complaint or preparing for trial, we create visual presentations that make your best evidence more accessible, persuasive, and memorable. Our highly experienced litigation consultants will give you creative options and ideas to advance your case.

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At Trial, Experience Matters

On-Site Support

Take us to court with you, and you’ll have a team with an average of 10 years experience that goes to over 40 trials each year.  Put our experience to work for you. We know trials are high-stress but we keep our cool, offer solutions that have saved dozens of all-nighters, and deliver when it counts. Our staff goes to trial as an extension of your team from setting up the warroom to toasting at the victory dinner.

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Sometimes, It Is the Obvious Choice

3-D Modeling and Animation

Some companies push 3-D as if it were the only choice. We won’t unless it’s the right choice. But, when it is more cost effective, more persuasive, or the process can’t be seen without the benefit of 3-D visualization, then we have an experienced team to help.

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Giving Up Control Can Be Liberating

Presentation Technology

With hundreds of trials under their belts, our technology consultants will manage the on-site electronic presentation system, taking the pressure off you to focus on your examination.  On cue, they seamlessly display your exhibits and demonstratives. We also provide expertise in areas such as warroom support, trial logistics, equipment, and video production.

Illustrations Make a World of Difference

Custom Illustration

What makes an effective illustration? Quality. The level we deliver is the same you’ll find in textbooks and magazines because we’ve invested in professionals whose work has been featured in the New York Times, The Journal of the American Medical Association, and Scientific American. We even have a team of Certified Medical Illustrators (CMI) on staff.

Complex Technology Deserves A Simple Explanation


We develop tutorials that teach the relevant technology in a dispute so the science is understood by the trier of fact. In the last five years, we’ve made over 150 tutorials for courts nationwide on subjects ranging from quadrature amplitude modulation to heart disease. Whether the tutorial is to be given live in court or on a CD/DVD with professional voice narration, we can deliver.

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Great Images Make The Best Evidence

Photography and Videography

Professional images are critical to our work. We capture products or processes with crystal-clear photos and jitter-free videos. Take us with you to a plant inspection, production factory, or a product demonstration. Starting with great imagery means you can use it throughout the case, saving both time and money.

Put Down Your Rulers and Highlighters

Deposition Management

We’ve seen this exercise before, but there is a better way. We will help your team manage the deposition designation process more effectively. Automated designation reports allow you to clearly see plaintiff, defense, or even multi-party designations and counterdesignations. We can even show you the running time for each.

A Dedicated Technology Team

Technology Production

Our Technology Production Team works directly with clients and our Technology Consultants to manage case data – deposition video, designation clips, exhibits, exhibit stamping, and trial presentation databases. We centralize these services to maximize efficiency and ensure 24/7 access to critical trial data. Additionally, the team administers cloud-based solutions for managing exhibits and depositions.