Guy Joubert

Managing Partner

Guy Joubert is Managing Partner of TrialGraphix and is based in Falls Church, VA. He specializes in developing innovative communication design and technology solutions for litigation. Guy has worked on a range of litigation matters involving intellectual property, product liability, multi-district litigation, contract dispute, and antitrust issues.

Guy is an expert in concept development and the visual presentation of trial themes and issues. He leads teams in the production of persuasive communication design for expert witness reports and testimony, hearings, and trials. Guy is especially adept at developing presentations that teach technical concepts and help audiences visualize scientific data and research results. In addition, he consults on the design and implementation of courtroom technology solutions and on-site management of trial presentation systems.

Over the last 14 years, Guy has consulted on over 600 cases in federal and state courts including 40 cases at the International Trade Commission and matters before the European Union Court of First Instance, the Securities and Exchange Commission, Surface Transportation Board, U.S. Court of Federal Claims, and Government Accounting Office.

Notable cases include: Microsoft Antitrust matters where he developed the demonstratives used by Bill Gates during his testimony; Ortho McNeil v. Mylan where the validity of a patent was upheld in an ANDA challenge; and NTP v. RIM where a successful jury verdict resulted in a $612M settlement.

Prior to founding RLM, Guy was a Litigation Consultant with Finnegan Henderson and was a Managing Director in FTI Consulting’s Trial Services practice. He is also former United States Air Force Captain.

Guy holds a B.S. in Human Physiology and Biomechanics from the University of California, Davis and a M.S.A. in Management Science from Central Michigan University.