Jason Young

Presentation Consultant

Jason Young is a Presentation Consultant TrialGraphix based in the San Francisco office. Jason uses his extensive experience to simplify complex legal concepts through the development of effective and compelling graphics; ultimately assisting attorneys in developing effective visual strategies for use in any legal setting.

Jason has supported clients in all manner of legal proceedings, including client presentations, technology tutorials, Markman hearings, inter partes reviews, mediations, arbitrations, mock trials along with jury & bench trials for criminal and civil matters at the state and federal level.

Notable cases include: People of the State of Illinois v. Drew Walter Peterson; Schering Corporation v. Mylan Pharmaceuticals; Alfred E. Mann Foundation v. Cochlear Corporation; PersonalWeb Technologies LLC v. Autonomy, Inc.; Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. v. Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.; Mount Hamilton Partners LLC v. Groupon Inc.; and Aredia & Zometa Product Liability Litigation.

Jason began his career as a technology consultant, before becoming a design consultant, where he used his years of courtroom experience and graphics background to recommend, develop and choreograph effective presentations. Prior to that, he worked under the guidance of engineering experts – producing illustrations, renderings, videos, animations, and multimedia presentations to illustrate and/or demonstrate experts’ findings in court.

Jason holds a B.S. in Computer Graphics Technology with a concentration in Manufacturing Graphics and a minor in Organizational Leadership Management from Purdue University.