Melanie Upchurch

Presentation Consultant

Melanie Upchurch is a Presentation Consultant based in the Chicago office of TrialGraphix. She has experience in various areas of litigation ranging from patent to criminal cases. Through her broad training in life sciences and design, Melanie is able to decipher, conceptualize, and transcribe complex concepts into more comprehensible visuals for various audiences in litigation. As a former college athlete, Melanie understands teamwork, seamlessly becoming part of the trial team and determined to find effective solutions for her clients.

Melanie holds a M.S. in Biomedical Visualization from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She received a B.F.A in Drawing with a second concentration in Graphic Design and minor in Human Biology from Minnesota State University, Mankato. Additionally, Melanie is an active professional member of the Association of Medical Illustrators.