Alexis Marina Kershner

Media Artist

Alexis Marina Kershner is a Media Artist in the San Francisco office of TrialGraphix specializing in the development of visual solutions for complex concepts and legal arguments.

Alexis has over 11 years of graphic design experience having worked on matters ranging from antitrust and securities, intellectual property, trademark and copyright infringement, trade secret and unfair competition, environmental and product liability, to white collar defense.

Notable cases include: Maurice Mitchell v. Intel; Zeta Graff v. Paris Hilton; Monster Cable v. Quest Group; H.C. Kirkhart v. DaimlerChrysler; Abbott Labs v. Bayer Healthcare; Soverain v. JC Penny; HTC v. Apple; DuPont v. Kolon; and TCW v. Gundlach; Apple. v. Samsung; State of California v. Atlantic Richfield Co. et al.

Alexis holds a B.A.S. in Digital Graphic Design from Ex’pression College for Digital Arts and a B.A. from Brandeis University.