Annett Schulze

Media Artist

Annett Schulze is a Media Artist in the Alexandria office of TrialGraphix. With over 15 years of graphics experience, Annett has dedicated the last seven years to litigation graphics, specializing in the development and presentation of compelling and high quality visual concepts.

Notable cases include: Apple v. Samsung; Motorola v. Apple; Google v. I/P Engine; Samsung v. Renases; August v. Camtek; Lilly v. Teva (Evista); Wyeth v. Mylan; O2 Micro v. MPS; NOVA Chemical v. DOW; MFormation v. RIM; Microsoft v. Motorola (ITC); Apple v. HTC; Motorola, Time Warner Cable v. TiVo; Salem Financial v. USA; HTC v. Apple; and Finjan Inc v. McAfee Inc et al.

Prior to joining TrialGraphix, Annett spent over 10 years working as visual artist and marketing specialist for both, corporation and non-profit entities.

Annett received her degrees in Digital Arts and Technology from George Mason University and in Political Science from the University of Cologne in Germany. Annett speaks fluent German and English.