Sarah Kim

Media Artist

Sarah Kim is a Senior Media Artist based in Korea. She is a designer with experience working in different industries from healthcare to legal services. She collaborates with designers, team of lawyers, and experts to create persuasive demonstratives for multi-million-dollar litigation. She is fluent in data visualization and infographic design and has worked with many high-profile clients such as Citi, Apple, Intel, FedEx, Whirlpool, and Exxon.

Prior to joining TrialGraphix, Sarah was the Graphic Design Project Manager at Paul Weiss and the Associate Art Director at Impact Trial Consulting. She began her career as a Medical Illustrator and Animator for OPENPediatrics at Boston Children’s Hospital, developing engaging visuals of medical procedures, anatomy, and physiology.

Sarah holds a B.F.A. in Animation from Massachusetts College of Art and Design.