Marjorie Tinney

Relationship Manager

Marjorie Tinney is a Relationship Manager for TrialGraphix based in their Miami office. In her role, Marjorie meets with attorneys to learn about their practices and recommend services and solutions to assist the trial team throughout the litigation life cycle.  She also is responsible for making presentations to various groups and identifying new opportunities where our team can be a valuable resource.

Marjorie has been in the Litigation Consulting industry for     10 years and maintaining long-term client relationships is her #1 priority. She is responsible for ensuring that client deadlines are met and that they are partnered with the RLM|TrialGraphix consultant best suited for their case.

Prior to relocating to Florida in 2006, Marjorie worked in the health care industry and worked closely with insurance brokers for 7 years. She holds an M.B.A. from Eastern University and a B.A. from Temple University.