Stephanie Crittenden

Relationship Manager

Stephanie Crittenden is a Relationship Manager in the New York office of TrialGraphix. In her role Stephanie meets with attorneys in multiple markets to learn about their practices and recommend available solutions to help them throughout their litigation life cycle.

Working alongside clients when they have an upcoming matter, Stephanie confirms the parameters of their needs, ensures RLM is available to work on their cases, and connects them with the RLM consultants who are best suited to partner with them on their cases.

Stephanie has been in the Litigation Consulting industry for over 15 years and is responsible for selling services at a national level. Additionally, she worked as a senior account manager in the Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia markets, building the cities from startup. The top revenue generator in four markets, she is a valued member of the sales team.

Prior to working in litigation, Stephanie worked as a recruiter for executive job placement and as an investment broker. She holds a B.S. in business administration and marketing from Florida State University.