Derreck Lewis

Technology Consultant

Prior to joining the TrialGraphix team, Derreck Lewis spent time managing sales and client portfolios with Fidelity Investments, Prudential, MetLife, and Geico. He combines nearly two decades of client relationship management, coupled with corporate audiovisual & technical support to bring true value to our clients. His background and expertise lends versatility to the litigation arena. Derreck is a natural in the hot-seat role and excels as a host for virtual trials.

As his experience grew, Derreck found a natural affinity towards corporate audio visual projects. He started by creating training videos, slide presentations, and even voice over work for training modules. Over time, he reached an expert level at audio/video editing while creating content for several internet podcasts and commercials for local small businesses.

Derreck is a family man who loves to travel. Be forewarned: he won’t turn down a good hot & spicy eating challenge. However, his true passion lies in Astrophysics. Having studied at Upper Iowa University, Derreck enjoys maximizing his leisure days to improve his life and that of those around him.